Special Posting – Detroit Institute of Graffiti

Observation:  All the pictures in this entry are from a single building by Eastern Market.  I have seen dozens of people there and I know kids even use it as an ad-hoc skate park.  I have a dream of creating a very unique artist community in Detroit, and I sometimes wonder whether, if I had the money and opportunity, this building could work for that model.  If so, I think I would label it the Detroit Institute of Graffiti, leave about 50-75% of the art intact and then build interior walls for the artists to work and sell in the space.  Just putting the dream out there in case the owner of the building sees this.  🙂

Distance:  00.00 miles

D-Fact:  The world’s first convention and visitors bureau — the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau — was founded in 1896.


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