Detroit Bike City?

Observation:  Today’s ride was on a cold morning following a light dusting of snow.   Between the dreariness of the day and some personal issues swirling around in my head, it made for a hard ride.  This happens from time to time and I just seem to zone out for 15/30/60 minutes at a time, which is probably not the safest thing to do when riding through busy streets or walking thru a dilapidated building.  But the city always snaps me back into the amazing reality around me, be it an Easter Island-like collection of statues, a pool table covered in snow in the middle of a field, a cornucopia of colored car bumpers 40 feet tall, or a simple fenceline painted with gorgeous flowers.  Detroit keeps me in the game and never seems to let me down.

Distance:  29.09 miles

D-Fact:  Back in 2007, there were about 13 miles of bike lanes in Detroit, but as of 2019 there are nearly 240 miles, almost all of which have been laid down in the last few years.

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