Observation:  ELM has been a project for over two years now, and for 1.75 of those years I listened to a wide variety of music while I rode.  Depending on where I was riding I might have two earbuds in (good neighborhood), one earbud (questionable hood) or zero earbuds (oh, hell no).  But a few months ago I started listening to a podcast titled ‘My Favorite Murder’ instead.  The podcast is basically two Californian women who sit in their living room and take turns telling some of their favorite true crimes stories throughout history.  That might sound gruesome, and it is at times, but they have a massive following of passionate, mostly female, followers and strangely enough, they are consistently in the top ten comedy podcast list on iTunes because of the humor they are able to mix in.  While they are definitely able to make dark tales much lighter, I have to admit that listening to a story about a deranged serial killer right before walking into a decrepit, dimly-lit abandoned building is really not a perfect combo.

Distance:  24.49 miles

D-Fact:  Every long-time Detroit will remember Sir Graves Ghastly.  Sir Graves was a “vampire” and television horror host for 15 years.  His show followed a consistent format of showing back-to-back horror films, interspersed with brief sketch comedy pieces featuring Sir Graves and his cast of characters – Baruba, Reel McCoy, and, of course, The Blob.



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