Canines with a View

Observation:  Dogs have been a common occurrence during this project, but one group I haven’t mentioned yet are the second-floor balcony pups.  Probably 20+ times I have had the wonderful early morning silence broken by the sound of an angry dog barking from above me while they leaned over the railing atop a home’s porch.  Sometimes you can tell it’s just someone who was too lazy to go downstairs and let their dog out, but most of the time you can tell it’s the dog’s steady outdoor home, complete with dog bowls, toys, trash and sometimes even a dog house.  As a big pet lover, it makes me sad, but I know people have different perspectives on their pets and home safety is a necessary evil in the city in some areas.  That being said, although the dog alarm might serve one purpose, it would seem to have no impact on a criminal who just “plays through” and comes in a back window.  Just a thought.

Distance:  28.44 miles

D-Fact: The largest penguinarium in the world resides at the Detroit Zoo.

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