Gaia Always Wins

Observation:  I find I keep saying and hashtagging the phrase “Mother Earth Always Wins”, and it stems from the number of pics I have taken of houses/cars/signs/etc. being engulfed by trees, plants, and ivy throughout the city.  At first, I was not including these because I didn’t think they conformed to the art guidelines I had set for myself when I started this project.  Now while I still will not geotag them on my map, I have decided to include some more those pics just to show off a little bit of Mother Nature’s artwork.

Note: Substitute pic from a previous ride for the featured pic.

Distance:  28.51 miles

D-Fact:  The L-shaped Fisher Building was originally supposed to be a three-building complex and the largest commercial building in the world. There was to have been a taller, 60-story central tower flanked by the current 29-story Fisher Building on the right and an identical tower on the left. This is why the tower of the Fisher Building is aligned to the far right instead of centered. The Great Depression, which hit the year after the building opened, shelved the grand plans to build the other two towers.


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