You OK Mister?

Observation:  Today I covered 40 miles thru lots of weather conditioned hazards with no issue until I came upon this huge patch of ice on the road and just didn’t have time to slow down.  It was completely my fault, just getting too excited about the warm car awaiting me, and so the bike went in one direction and I slide off going forward about ten feet just gliding on my stomach.  When I finally hit cement and stopped, I had to take a moment and think, “am I alright?”  And I really was, just a small rip in my pants and a pair of earbuds crushed to no repair in my pocket.  I was kind of laughing at myself when I realized some young kid had been watching from the sidewalk in bewilderment as I did my impression of a curling stone right in front of him.  He sat with his mouth wide open for a bit, and then finally asked, “Ummmmm….you OK mister?”

Distance:  42.66 miles

D-Fact:  Pizza deliveryman Richard Davis of Detroit invented the bulletproof vest, after being attacked by three armed robbers during a delivery in the early 70s.


3 thoughts on “You OK Mister?

  1. dude, you were super close to the neighborhood where I grew up. I lived on the corner of St. Mary’s and Whitlock just off Warren ave. from age 0-15.


  2. Just catching up on your journeys – my mom grew up at Warren and the Southfield Fwy and went to Cody High! She is in her 70’s but she still has lunch with many of her friends from the old neighborhood that she went to school with when she comes back to Michigan. Thanks for the photos – I know she will get a kick out of them!


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