The Real McCoy

Observation:  While many people were downtown at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot getting their morning exercise, I ventured out on a short ride a little further north.  It was only 29 degrees and by the time I finished riding half the water in my water bottle was frozen, so suddenly a new twist I will have to figure out how to deal with in the coming months.

From an art perspective, really didn’t see much (and hence the substitute featured pic), but I did find this stripped car interesting.  It was sitting in a really nice neighborhood and it had obviously been stripped recently as all the tires were inflated, there was still a pop half filled in the center console, and kids shoes and other personal items were in the backseat and trunk.  Did someone really just pull-up and strip all that metal with houses all around and no one heard a thing???

Distance:  12.10 miles

D-Fact:  Elijay J. McCoy, a lifelong Detroiter, invented one of the best lubrication systems for locomotives and other machinery in the late 1800s.  Manufacturers would not settle for anything less than “the real McCoy”, and that is where that saying came from.

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