Art Just Pouring Out

Observation:  I have been asked if I ride with anyone for these adventures, and I have some great friends who do come with me occasionally, but I probably do 90% of it solo for two reasons.  First off, it can be sometimes a little tedious if you don’t LOVE doing this.  Riding up and down streets and then circling back to hit the cross streets when you are 99% sure there is nothing to see is not for everyone.  Secondly, with a teenage daughter, a full-time job and a decent social life, planning can be tricky, so a lot of these rides are just done when I can and not a lot of time to schedule a meet-up with someone looking to explore.

Distance: 13.95 miles

D-Fact:  Few buildings remain from Detroit’s early history because the disastrous fire of 1805 razed much of the city.  The Detroit Historical Museum reconstructed the J. Bell Moran House, the home of an early French settler. The museum also has a comprehensive display depicting “The Streets of Old Detroit.”

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