How Do I Get Involved in This Project?

Since starting this project, a number of people have asked me this question in different permutations and while in general it’s not something that needs a lot of help, here are a few things I could suggest:

  • Ride Alongs – I will see what I can do, but please keep in mind that while the pics may look interesting, it does require early mornings (sometimes at the last minute) and it can definitely be a little tedious (every linear mile means just that, so there is a lot of backtracking and short dead-end rides involved).  I also am not trying to draw attention when I ride, so being solo is ideal, but I could take one, maybe two people, with me.
  • Contributions – I really don’t have any many needs for this project, but donations of tires and/or CO2 cartridges are always welcome.  If anyone has an old GoPro they don’t use, that could really help with some videos I want to do.  The only other cash item is helping to pay for this website, which seems to be getting more and more expensive as I add all these photos.
  • Building Access – If you have access to someplace more unique in the city, I would love the chance to see it.  I see art up high I can’t get close to or just want the ability to shoot pics from rooftops or locked buildings, so if you have connections to anything like that, I would love to chat.
  • Blogging Skills – If you have photo editing and/or WordPress skills, I could definitely use some help in both of those departments.
  • Philanthropic Desires and Abilities – If you want to help artists in the city and you own a large building or have access to investment funds, I would LOVE to talk about another long-term, more impactful project I would like to pursue.