Stop The Presses

Observation:  This morning’s odd ride was for only one reason – so a photographer from the Detroit Free Press could take pictures of me for an upcoming article.  This experience I think highlighted a couple of things.  One, taking pictures of someone riding a bike is kind of a boring assignment.  Two, trying to chase someone on a bike with total freedom to go in any direction, while you are driving in a car and trying to take pictures at the same time is a tricky maneuver.  Three, while the ride represented what many rides do – lots of miles with nothing exciting to be seen, next time I should probably go back to a place I know there is good background material.  I wanted to stay true to the project and not repeat anything, but asking someone to follow me for 1-4 hours until something cool pops up is kind of ridiculous.  And finally, it was funny to see how old I look riding, no wonder people just leave me alone.  🙂

Distance:  15.65 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit built the nation’s first urban freeway, the Davison, in 1942

7 thoughts on “Stop The Presses

  1. Thomas – thank you very much for your effort. Great work, great pictures. And – you don’t look old – age is just a state of mind – I’m 63 and ride every day. Keep it up! Great work!



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